Mountain ATV/mc and welcome to our ATV and UTV tires alright guys so Rocky Mountain ATV/mc where your tire headquarters, in fact, we got our start way back in  selling just ATV tires and when it comes to a TVand UTV tires there’s a lot to know and consider when you’re choosing your next tires yes we all want to tire that looks cool but there’s a lot more to know and consider when choosing your next set than just a cool looking tread patterns in this video we’re going to breakdown these tires we’re gonna talk about all the attributes that make a tire attire we’re also going to answer a couple commonly asked questions about tire and wheel size compatibility so to start off we’re going to talk about sizing all right guys so when your tire shopping the first thing that you ‘re going to need to consider is going to be your tire size now the dimensions of every tire is going to be right here on the tire sidewall know I’ve got this armored crawler in here as an example so if you look at the sidewall here your going to have three numbers.

The first number on this is  so that’s going to be the diameter of the tire in other words how tall the tire is the second number is going to be  that’s the width of the tire from sidewall to sidewall and then your last number here so this tire is going to go on a inch rim now in some cases when you’re seeing these dimensions you’re going to have an R in front of your rim size that stands for radial which is the type of construction of the tire we’re going to talk about that here in just a few minutes now a question that we get here lot at rocky mountain is can you mount a tire if the width of the tire is greater than the width of the rim and the answer is yes in fact.

I Brought an example ATV tires in here today to show you this a comedy mongrel tire it’s an  inch tire and we have it mounted on an  inch rim so you’re going to have approximately about two inches of overhang on each side now the benefit to that is that’s going to protect your rim from rocks and other debris from hitting that so it’s going to preserve your rim really well, however, keep in mind that it can cause performance or clearance issues so you just always want to check your.

Here Is A Method That Is Helping ATV Tires
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