Eight residents in your four bedroom home two residents per room three thousand apiece helping them with their daily living , per twenty-four thousand per month in cu mall derive from purpose passion which snow adding up to your profits listen Love the fact that right now as I’m recording this video my home harmony home our first residential assisted living facility is currently licensed for in Southwest Florida and we have six right now the asset of the day of this recording we have six but on Friday.

we have another yellow native moving in with us which will make our seventh residence let me tell you how quickly this thing to turn around for you you heard of the whole the old phrase you build it they will come well October right now this recording is taking place what sit March so October we got license for eight as a residential left now here it is March we have six residents and each one of our residents pay our average of $, per month that’s the average and then next week we’ll have residence number seven and by the end of April we’ll have residence number eight will be a full house and it didn’t even take us a year to make that happen why because.

The needs there every day Omaha nursing home four thousand people are turning age in America I’m sorry everyday four thousand people returning age in America and percent of those people are going to need assistance with their daily living so ohm god this thing is amazing this opportunity for you is amazing now lemme take this thing a little bit further one step further okay we got there right we understand that it has to be purpose behind this it’s just not about bringing in some people and taking care of them and just making a bunch.

of money no you’re gonna do well why are you doing good yeah you’re gonna do very well financially why are you doing good and Gotta tell you man this thing really helps my spirit to have them elderly people lay down in bed at night and lookup to you in your eyes and and thank you for helping them and thank you listen some of these people don’t even have family anymore they outlive their family so I’m gonna Bambi done didn’t care about him anymore so you become.

Why Is Omaha Nursing Home So Famous?